Valerius Enterprise a premium segment pool and spa building company provides complete solutions for Pools, Spa and Wellness industry, with a rich engineering background the team Valerius can offer their services right from conceptualization to completion.

The pool and spa’s are designed keeping in mind the current trends of the industry and every installation is equipped with top of the line products sourced from all over the world. Each product used is tested by quality engineer and certified before use.

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This swimming pool project is for the most prestigious club of India – The cricket Club of India, the scope included, conceptualization, consultancy, design and build. It is a fully outdoor pool of 750 m3 capacity and is heated with 3 nos 105 kW heat chill pump to maintain the temperature at 27 deg C in all seasons. This pool has an approximate bathing load of 300 people over the weekend and the filtration and sanitization includes special media, ozone, UV and auto controller to maintain the pH and chlorine automatically. The swimming pool also includes, 25-watt underwater LED lights, 700 mm high starting blocks and 150 mm dia lane ropes.