Valerius offers complete solution and products for effective lake management and that includes

  • Mini series aerators for golf courses and small ponds
  • Select series aerators for mid – size lakes with capacities ranging from 1.0 HP to 7.5 HP
  • Titan series aerators for large lakes with capacities ranging from 7.5 Hp to 40 HP with jet heights upto 40 meters
  • Aerator lighting systems monochromatic or RGB for aesthetics
  • Diffused aeration system capable enough to provide dissolved oxygen for lakes from ½ acre to 17 acres.
Lake Management

Valerius Enterprise designs, creates and develops water shows and water special effects such as water screen, water curtain, musical fountain, water theatre etc. Composed of more than 14 different water effects (rotating jets, waltzes, rain curtain. Each water effect is reproduced several times on the water façade to create complete aquatic ballet which can play on modern electro music and on traditional classical masterpieces.