• Acrylic enclosures
  • Heating and Chilling Systems
  • Protein Skimmers
  • Bio Filters
  • TKN Removal Systems
  • Oxygenation Systems
  • Aerators
  • Special Media Filters
  • Cartridge Filters
  • Full Ozone systems
  • Organic Scavenging Systems
  • UV systems
  • Bio Medias
  • Underwater lighting systems
LSS life support system

Valerius provides technical services for marine and fresh water aquariums limited to the design and build of Life Support Systems (LSS). Fishes in Aquarium confined in a limited water volume contribute huge amount of urea and ammonia through their excretion and the buildup of these elements can be very toxic to the fishes which lead to increased fish mortality rate. In a large natural ecosystem these toxic material is of very little significance due to sheer volume of water in a naturally occurring lake or a pond. But in a limited water quantity in a tank these toxic additions can be of significant importance. Therefore to take care of these toxic ingredients aquariums need robust treatment systems for their removal. The treatment systems are typically called Life Support Systems (LSS). These systems not only require water treatment expertise but also immense micro biological and zoological expertise.