Valerius Enterprise a premium segment pool and spa building company provides complete solutions for Pools, Spa and Wellness industry, with a rich engineering background the team Valerius can offer their services right from conceptualization to completion.

The pool and spa’s are designed keeping in mind the current trends of the industry and every installation is equipped with top of the line products sourced from all over the world. Each product used is tested by quality engineer and certified before use.

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Salt Water Pool

Most people hearing the words “salt water” naturally think of ocean water, but in the world of swimming pools, “salt water” or “salt pool” refers to one that uses a salt chlorine generator for sanitization. VALERIUS ENTERPRISES are best in offering salt water pool construction in India.

Salt is added to pool water in conjunction with the installation of a salt chlorine generator.  The generator is comprised of a power supply which is wired at the pool equipment pad and a salt cell which is plumbed inline with the pipe returning water to the pool.  Inside the salt, the cell is coated metal blades which receive a low voltage current.  As salt water passes through, electrolysis occurs, splitting the salt and water into hydrogen and hypochlorous acid.  This acid replaces the chlorine tablets or granules traditionally used to sanitize pools.
This process repeats indefinitely as the salt converts to acid and then the acid converts back to salt.  Salt does not evaporate.  Therefore, once the proper ppm of salt is reached, only small amounts of salt are required to adjust levels.  Some things that affect salt levels are heavy rain, which dilutes the concentration of salt, or heavy pool usage when a significant amount of water might be splashed out of the pool.